View from the office

This little squirrel hopped across the garden this morning outside our summerhouse while we were working, and stopped here to do something with his hazelnut (taken from our tree no doubt). He then hopped across the patio and off to the field behind.

It was a day for wildlife. Lovely weather and so I was very glad to finish for my day at 4. Then at 6 I saw the hedgehog in my back garden. It seems odd that I've seen him/her in the day time 3 times this week - I am assuming it is the same hedgehog. I've left him some cat biscuits and am hoping he is OK. I think that's as much as I can do. Nature has to take its course, but I will still move him if he is in the road again!

Had a facetime chat with mum while making dinner. We talked about Christmas and started to make plans. I blame those down under for bring that into the conversation while it is still only September, but secretly it is my favourite time of year, so I'm glad we have it to look forward to.

Some tv now with wine and chocolate.

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