By pensionspoet


We had a nice day in Cambridge, using Trumpington Park and Ride which is a convenient drive from Foxton. Wandered, had coffee, wandered some more, had lunch, and finished with tea. We got back to the caravan in time to have a cup of tea, and change for our evening out.

Our friends Claire and Alasdair got married a year ago, but with limited numbers, so had planned this party in anticipation of more freedom a year on. We joined them at The George at Babraham, along with their many friends and family. We had a nice catch up with a very grown up Charlie, one of Henry's best friends from junior school, who was keen to hear about what everyone was doing. Then we spent the evening chatting to Alan and Rachel, who we haven't seen for 2 years. So much to talk about I even forgot to take a photo of us. So as we left I got Jon to take a picture of me and Claire.

We are now heading back to the caravan after having had a really lovely evening. So glad we were able to be part of the celebrations.

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