Weekend relaxing

I didn't summarise my day yesterday. But it was dominated by my visit to Sandringham, where I followed a long line of cars, onto the Sandringham estate, parked, and then joined the crowds to pay my respects. When I got home, it inspired me to try and put my feelings into a poem.

Today, we gathered ourselves together, very lazily, and after coffee hooked up the caravan and headed to Foxton in Cambs. It is the site we visited a few weeks ago. So nice and quiet, and great value at £20 a night, so perfect. It was pouring with rain when we left, but lovely here in Cambs.

We were set up in 15 minutes, then had lunch before heading to Tesco where we bought, among other things, a smart TV for the caravan. I know, how mad! But we want to stay on for the extra day until Monday, and watch the funeral before we leave. When we started caravanning, probably 20 years ago, Jon was dead against a TV. I wasn't bothered. We still play lots of games, but have cut ourselves some slack now, and have relaxed our self imposed rule about no TV. So we now have a TV.

After tesco we spent an hour at John and Win's where we had a cup of tea and a catch up. Then 'home' to our quiet, corner plot for pizza and red wine, chocolate and TV!! Just watched the vigil of the Queen's 4 children.

Looking forward to more of the same over the weekend.

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