By Missycat

Battle over the bird table

This sweet bird feeder was given to Mr MC on Father's Day by Violet and Stella-Rose.  That is inscribed on the roof but of course you can't see from this angle.  Mr MC rather cleverly made the stand for for it and for several weeks it was carefully avoided by all birds.  Now however, it has become very popular, possibly too popular and favoured by the larger birds as you see here.  Pigeon #1 arrived and squeezed inside the feeder to gobble to suet pellets and was soon joined by pigeon #2.  Of course there is not room for two of them and so they politely swapped places.  Meanwhile, on the lawn, two jackdaws and a magpie were pacing about irritably waiting for an opportunity to take over, which they did after a lot of wing flapping as you see from the centre pic.  I did take many more shots than these three, but 'less is more' I think, on Blipfoto.

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