By karenmace25

Spider Sunday

Sorry for the slightly scary post today! I uncovered this beast - Zoropsis Spinimana - out in the garden today as I was emptying out some pots! Not seen one like this before and did let out a very girlie shriek when I spotted it!  

Some lovely sunshine around this morning so that's what lured me back into the garden - had some pansies and violas to put in pots and take a few more salvia cuttings! Cloudier now, with rain forecast, so time for sport watching and reading!

And luckily we've not had to travel anywhere today as there's major road chaos in the local area again as another burst water main - the 3rd in as many weeks, all in different locations.  It seems that building multiple properties and flats is overwhelming the outdated pipe system... who knew!! So it looks like another major road will be shut for the next few days!

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