By Yorkshirebred


Although I feel it is too early, there are lots of signs that autumn is on the way.  Much of the vegetation is beginning to die back leaving seed heads and interesting wilting leaves.  Fungi are appearing everywhere and red berries, elderberries, sloes and blackberries are in abundance, and some leaves are starting to turn colour.  Loved everything I saw on my walk today through Goit Stock and back up Leech Lane, so couldn’t resist another collage.  Even the little butterfly obliged by posing patiently on a leaf!  Chatted to a girl I know on the way back down the hill and was sad to hear that her former partner, once a regular in our local, was very poorly - we talked for some time as she was so upset. Then called on Corinthian so that we could sort out some details for a forthcoming trip with the Bus Pass Walkers.  Lots happening. :-)

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