By strawhouse

Walking Into Town

I met my mum in town this morning for a mooch round the charity shops. Nice new shoes for her and a couple of Yorkshire walk/guidebooks for me.
Mr K drove down with a view to getting chips but we ran out of time, couldn’t park and it was back up the hill home for wraps. Which are much better for you then chips Mr K. Just saying.
I had an email this morning welcoming me to the Plenty of Fish dating site and saying that my profile - RabbitShagger or somesuch! - was all set up and ready to go.
Oh dear!
It let me change the password so whoever’s done it can’t get in but it wouldn’t let me delete the account without entering the phone number used.
I emailed their support, not very hopeful of a sensible response - I could just be a jilted ex deleting the account out of spite - but I got a very speedy apology and assurance the account has been deleted.
My internet dating days are over!!!
And the days of using the same password for everything……

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