Roadside Trees

I went out for a bike ride this morning but the road which leads to my most frequent rides was closed so I turned right. Then I decided to go up Old Walls Hill which must be the most challenging hill around here. It just goes up and up for so long and so steeply. Having got to the top I didn't go far before I turned around because if I'd done a circuit, I wouldn't have been able to get back through the lanes and I didn't want to go on the major roads. It was much easier going down the hill of course but I had to be careful because there was more traffic than usual using that route.

There are some lovely old trees on the edge of the road along here. The road has certainly been used since the Bishop's Summer Palace was built in the 13th century and probably well before that by less auspicious individuals. 

The light coming through the trees illuminated lots of details in the trunks.

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