My sedum is finally turning a deeper pink and is attracting various insects.  I saw a few bees today and a lot of these insects .... not sure exactly what they are.  Took loads of photos but very few of them came out OK.  These two are the best of the bunch. Thanks to JDO for hosting the Tiny Tuesday challenge.

I got on with jobs around the house until it was time to head off for slimming club.  The weather had been nice all day and it stayed that way so it was a pleasant walk down to the village.  Group was quite busy this evening and there were a few members I recognised as well as a lot of new members.  Even though I have been " off plan " for 3 weeks and only got back " on plan " last Thursday I managed to lose 3½ pounds.  Very pleased about that.  No more special events ( which involve food ) on the calendar so in theory there's nothing to stop me losing weight every week until I get back to my target weight.

Steps today - 7,806

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