Jillian's Journal

By Daring2Go

Tie an Orange Ribbon . . . . . . .

. . . . . round the ole oak tree . . . .

There was some interest about this tree when I posted a pic of it on 12 March, so I thought I'd return another day, and have second look. The orange fabric (looks like polyester to me, so probably breathes) is quite wide and is simply wound round and round, I think from top to bottom. That orange really does glow, and I think the glow is enhanced by the green above. Apparently it was originally done as part of an exhibition, with banners hung in the tree, and it was decided to leave the tree as it is now, when the exhibition closed.

It's now on the former site of the Mancan House Conference Centre on the corner of Manchester St and Cambridge Tce, with Mancan House itself having been damaged and demolished, following the earthquakes.

I was lent a lens today, by Kens Cameras, a super camera store in Christchurch - a Sigma 1.4 DG HSM. What a lens! A real beauty. I didn't come home with it - but am very very tempted. I wonder if TiMPix will see this - he'll let me know what he thinks! He takes the best shots!!

And the sunburst? I have to say that that's how it came out of the camera (or lens!) Absolutely unedited.

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