By Ingleman

The Mower We Are Together...

... The mower we are forlorn... 

Gardening at Richard's today. Two hours strimming the field edge and then the dreaded grass. About three quarters of an acre. Doesn't sound a lot does it. 

But I can assure you it is. 

With the sit on mower out of action I am resigned to cutting the grass with the Mountfield. A fine machine and perfect for suburban postage stamps. And bowling greens. But for this, less than. 

At this point I am about half way in. I think I need a turf accountant. Or a flock of Herdwicks, or something. 

But, as with everything else I girded my loins, tightened my gusset and cracked on. It was a chore, but I did it. And managed to trim the edges and pick the weeds so it all looks nice and tidy. Like someone cares..... 

Rest day tomorrow, might take my good lady out for a pie, or something. 

Have a lovely Wednesday evening and don't do anything I wouldn't do. That is to say, don't do anything. 

Bye for now, thanks for coming... 

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