That was the ISS, that was …

Met Mr B after tennis, at Moka-Pot. Walked round the Westbourne shops. Booked a new hairdresser (not been since Covid - been chopping my own hair) for next week. Walked home (did 15,000 steps yesterday, will do 9500 today).

Pickled fresh gherkins from the Polish shop. Watched a TV film. Very small dinner after yesterday’s indulgence. Just went on balcony to see the (ISS) International Space Station. Perfect view, see my blip (it’s that ‘bright star’).

No moon in sight, but reckon the ISS is even better.
Wed Sep 22, 7:56 PM, visible 6 min, max height 61° above the horizon, appears 10° above WSW, disappears14° above E,

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