a lifetime burning

By Sheol

In the details

I very much did not intend to take a macro shot of an insect today.  I had initially been hoping for another interesting sky to photograph, but it was overcast here this morning.  I did wander into Bath (which was surprisingly busy given that the kids are now back at School) but couldn't find a suitable street image that I was happy with.  

So instead, I have reverted to type and here is a close up macro shot of a hoverfly at rest.  I thought at one stage that it might be dead, as it showed no sign of movement as I gradually crept closer and closer with the macro lens.  I was just wondering if it was worth setting up the tripod and having a go at a proper focus stack when a wasp also expressed an interest - the moment it got too close the hoverfly became very alert and then took off at speed.

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