a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Birthday Boy

Its nephew Will's birthday today, he is an occasional blipper under the name Vauxden, and just back from a short trip to Lisbon to see his cousin.  I popped over to see him this morning and wish him many happy returns.  Lucky chap that he is, he was being treated to a lovely cooked breakfast when I arrived by his parents - although given the time it might well have been brunch.  I managed to resist the offer to join them as I had already had one breakfast - although it did look very tasty. 

On my way home I passed several long queues of cars on the road, waiting to be able to get into the garage to buy fuel for their vehicles.  When I popped out later on to get some groceries, the queues were even longer.  I can't think why, given that the government has gone to the trouble of telling everyone that there is no need to panic buy.  

In other news I read in one of the newspapers that Boris Johnson is alleged to have been trying to strike a trade deal with Jay Bolsanaro of Brazil ... the (unproven) assumption of the journalist being that it was to enable the UK to get a supply of turkeys for Christmas...

You really couldn't make this stuff up.

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