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By Damnonii

Grab you handbag've pulled!

Backblipped 24.09.21

Last full day of the holiday.  Boo hoo!

Today the gang went to Madam Tussauds and had great fun.  Of course once Alan saw Tess, he didn't want to go anywhere else!  Christine promised she'd try to sneak Tess out in her handbag but sadly it wasn't possible!  I can't remember what they did for the rest of the afternoon but the went back to a nice pub they'd found for dinner and spent some of the evening there.

David, Lola and I headed to Marilyn and Dennis' for lunch.  I was looking forward to it but dreading it at the same time.  From spending holiday time with them in the past I knew their house would be immaculate, their garden is their life (it's absolutely huge and they rent the field behind the house) with everything grown from seed by themselves, a bowling green lawn and beautiful borders and flower beds.   I wasn't sure how Lola would fit in with it all!  

I needn't have worried, she was an absolute angel.  Lay at our feet while we had lunch and I knew she had won Marilyn and Dennis over when they said to let her go play in the garden!  We were sitting in their sunny kitchen having lunch with the doors wide open so we could see her, but I was still nervous about letting her free.  She was very well behaved and didn't disgrace herself or us!  David went out with Dennis for a full tour of the garden (he gave us a load of little plants for our garden.  I do hope they survive the winter with us!)  

I think you can see just how much Lola did win Dennis round (I mentioned before that he was badly bitten by a dog as a child so is quite wary of them) as by the end of the afternoon he was playing with her in the garden.  

We had such a lovely time with more reminiscing, but the absolute highlight was them sharing some letters my gran had sent them in 1983.  She and I had holidayed with them for a week at Easter 1983 (I must blip some of those photos!) and the letters were sent over the summer of that year and into the September.  Dennis read them out.  Oh my goodness, it was as if my gran was there!  Dennis may have been speaking but it was her voice!  What a lovely, lovely surprise.  He had been unsure about sharing them incase I got upset, well I did cry, but it was tears of laughter!  What a woman she was.  So, so funny, the letters are full of her humour and unique take on life.  Marilyn said that whenever she feels down she re-reads them as they never fail to cheer her up.  They made my year!  I will get copies :-)

All too soon it was time to say goodbye.  So difficult not hugging.  I hope when they feel ready to travel again they will come and stay with us for a few days.

Got back to the cottage just before 6.30pm. Got a text from Ally saying they were having dinner in the same pub as last night and did we want to join them but we had our hearts set on a fish supper (to save us cooking before the packing began)  so D popped out to the local chippy in Hambleton for fish suppers.  We both agreed they were absolutely delicious.  Probably the best we've ever had.  The fish was delicious.  Locally caught and very fresh, coated in a very light, crispy batter.  Yum!  :-)

Got packed then headed over to Alan's cottage for a final night get together.  Ally and Christine had bought cakes and cookies.  Andrew made a little speech thanking us for bringing him on holiday and announced it was his best holiday ever!  He also presented Christine and Ally with their Blackpool  rock.  They'd also bought David and I gifts.  It was so lovely and a perfect end to the holiday.

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