If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Young Frog. ( Rana temporaria )

My usual weekly afternoon evening spent with Kanyl.  He always has flowers that we don't partly obviously personal preferences and partly because I suspect if examined closely all his finger and toes are green not just the the odd one.  Everything grows well for him.

As we started wandering round the garden he said "I never come out into the garden without seeing at least two frogs".  I wasn't thinking of anything that moved flowers tend to be much more cooperative.  While we were standing beside the raise bed taking shots of water on leaves something moved beside my foot.

Sure enough there were the promised two frogs.  Very small either early this years of possibly last years.  They hadn't bothered to move more than a few yards from the pond where they were tadpoles.  This one was unusually cooperative, rather than hopping away at speed it paused long enough for a few shots.

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