Onwards and upwards....

By Yana1

2464. Katsu chicken

A really busy day so far but had a slightly slower start this morning. Preparing for our friends to stay so made up the spare room for us and cleaned our bedroom for them to use as the bed is much comfier!

Then did some food shopping….moved our toiletries to the main bathroom and cleared our en suite for them to use.

Finally started to clear out our DIY and general junk cupboard and found something we lost years ago …..hubby bought a tiny pin at auction and when we emptied the boxes of stuff we bought when we got home, the pin was nowhere to be found so he bought another one online assuming we’d lost it. Today I found it at the bottom of a box with screws and tools etc in it with no idea how on earth it got there!

Just taking a break after cooking today’s lunch which was Katsu chicken….and it was delicious!

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