Where The Wild Things Are

Walking the dogs round the field I noticed a gold spec on the thistles. A small copper butterfly basking with open wings in the late sun.

Trotting hot foot back for the macro lens then standing there a while it became obvious that there is a small colony there in the thistles nestling in the uncut barrier we have for the birds and animals. Opting for the easy option of either white fronted geese from Russia (fantastic under normal circumstances) carrying heavy camera gear plus a long walk and this right in front of my nose was a no brainer.  The coppers had it - no question. 

Hubs has managed to get two more huge poles into the ground for his chicken netting and just walked in with pockets - yes I did say pockets (disaster waiting to happen I feel) full of eggs. The chickens are now laying big time.

Dad is stable now Covid free (thank goodness for the vaccinations) and Mum is really good too. People popping in, the carers really stepping up amazingly, plus the petrol deliveries scenario and with a phone connection I can do just as much good here. I am still ok to be here at home. My time will come I'm sure :)

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