By Hillyblips

Hanging On

Mating common darters at Ripple South Lake, taken with a 500mm lens  was slightly over the top but I had gone there to track some distant geese; so distant in fact that they were invisible. Sitting on the muddy lake shore floor to balance the lens on my knees for support I could feel the damp soaking through. Not the best scenario.

My camera mindfulness was broken by text messages flooding in as No #1 daughter had run out of petrol 3/4 hour from home and I had to fly up to her works with a can. Thinking it all could be sorted I hadn't reckoned on having the wrong nozzle for the jerry can. I sussed out every petrol station on the way up to Redditch and they either had huge queues, were blocked off or just had diesel. What a performance. 

Many calls concerning Dad but little I can do at the moment.

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