My Daily Life in Photo's.

By Mothermudd

Hang your washing on the line

Today another of HeartFreek's Challenges;- Cotton
A day of waiting in the morning for people to come to our home that didn't arrive.
1st people were to arrive around 9.30am, but due to lots of people queuing for petrol & causing Traffic Jams I got a text to say they're turning around to go back home, but will come another day.
2nd person to arrive at 10am, but due to him staying up late till 3am at a friends he'd only just woken up at 11am, he's meant to pop round tomorrow to give us an estimate for new windows.
I made a few phone calls then attempted some gardening myself before hanging out the washing.

Here are the day by day challenges & the one's I feel I've completed.
1.  New / this was the newly hatched Eggshell   
2.  White / Stanley & Orchid
3.   Feet / my feet & pawprint in the sand
4.   Flower / Sunflower with Heart
5.   Sleeping
6.   Tiny / Sparrow
7.   Cotton / Hang your washing
8.   Steps / Steps with Smoochi
9.    My Favourite.... / The Story of Beautiful Girl
10.  Looking Down / The veiw of Eastbourne
11.  Cake / Fruit Cake
12.  Family / My Son & Grandson
13.  Numbers / Voyager LI522
14.  Wood / Wooden Art
15.  2pm / Town Hall
16.  On Your Plate / Dinner
17.  Handmade / Plum Torte
18.  Heart / Heart & Love
19.  Animal /Smoochi
20.  Mug / Don't mug me off
21.  Reflection / Hampden Park
22.  Open /Open wide
23.  Landscape / Field of Dreams
24.  Bokeh
25.  A Picture / A Picture
26.  Above me / Fungi
27.  Water
28.  Pattern
29.  Autumn / Blackberries
30.  A Selfie !!

If you want to try then make sure you tag;- HFSept2021

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