By CleanSteve

Kirsty and one of her other daughters, M

We rushed about today with Kirsty, Helena’s mother, and went to Oban to visit M, one of her other daughters. She works part time at the Glenfinart Walled Garden, which is community owned and run by volunteers. M showed us around and while we were in one of the polytunnels gathering sweet pea flowers, I managed to grab this picture of them, and I’m sure TMLHereAndThere will be pleased to see her mother and sister too.

We then drove back to see M and S’s smallholding which they moved into a few months ago. Before we had tea M took us all to see their goats and she gave Helena a newly pruned branch of a larch tree from their woodland which she knew the goats would love to eat. They were very nimble and flighty and at the first chance one of them escaped through the slightly open gate, but only for a few seconds before M had it rounded up again.

I also liked this picture of the chickens at the walled garden, and while adding it as an ‘Extra’ I also chose a flight of geese returning to the sanctuary of the mouth of the burn in Cuil Bay, as the sun began to set, close to Kirsty's home.

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