a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Lighting part 2

The second day of my weekend studio lighting course.  Once again the delightful young lady model, assisted us amateur beginners by making it very hard for us to take a bad shot .... once we had worked out how the lights needed to be set.  

She's a competent photographer herself, so was able to point out obvious errors on our parts without our needing to ask the course tutor - of which the most obvious were failing to take lens caps off or switch on the flash commander, that sort of thing (not me thank goodness).  :-)

Although I obtained a model release to enable me to publish my shots, I understand that I can't name or identify the young lady.  Although as you will see from the shot she has very recently become engaged :-)))

This one is a 4 light shot.  There are 2 lights on the white background, a main key light above and to the left of shot (you can see it in the catchlight in her eyes) and a fill light.  The background is one stop brighter than the main key light, while the fill light is one stop less bright than the main key light.

Its been a great course, and its lovely to be able to do a workshop even if we were all socially distancing, and wearing disposable gloves when handling the equipment. Fortunately the weather has been very mild so having all doors and windows open was no hardship.  I suspect the course would be more challenging if it had been, say, the middle of winter.

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