One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Les retrouvailles

Today we had Uncle Justin and Pepe for Sunday dinner. It had been way too long. Since Justin's last visit, Pepe on the other hand is a regular... 

There was chicken a la king (Just wanted a taste of childhood, and Tayto crisps sandwiches would have been a bit of an easy kill...) and cake and merriment. 

Adriana and David called for a while, it was good to get to see them (and meet David) before they move to Spain. David is currently doing stunts on the new series of Vikings for Netflix. Apparently there is quite a lot of sex and battles. He spends his days getting thrown around. And that's just for the sex scenes... I'd say he can't wait for the battle action. 

They had never met Pepe. And they didn't know the "You have ruined our good cheer and disrupted the gathering by making a spectacle of yourself" line from MacBeth. 

Both have been remedied... 

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