By serpentine

At the bird bath

Been a bit under the weather recently after hurling myself into the side of the bus stop pavement face first.  Tripped on a ledge of raised tarmac - heavy buses and heated tar have made a 15 foot long ridge which in dull light does not look any different from the rest of the road.   Have one smashed cheekbone and nose and heavy black bruising plus other aches and pains but luckily no more breaks.  People around were so kind and concerned - made me very grateful.  I went back to the shops to find some of them and was told 5 more people had fallen where I had in the next 4 days.  The Council was asked to sort it out weeks and weeks ago so am taking action...have started by spilling blue paint along the ridge which has been adequately spread by cars running over it when wet,. 

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