By Beinghere

Newly Painted Bench

I’m pleased with how the bench looks after my work on it, so I’m satisfied.

It’s Monday so it’s Maggie day. I picked her up from nursery at lunchtime without Geordie because it was raining and he was still drying off after our walk.
We had our usual great afternoon playing farmyard dominoes, competing with each other to build the highest tower with building blocks, making up jigsaws, and singing along with songs on Cocomelon on Netflix.
She has been a real chatterbox today. I’ve noticed a difference in her since she started nursery. The main thing is she seems to be more confident singing songs.

When I was reading to Maggie and Geordie tonight I realised that I must look daft. There I was reading away and even singing the songs when it dawned on me that they were both sound asleep, one on either side of me. I slithered off the bed, and everything was quiet until a couple of hours later when Maggie fell out of bed. I rushed through lifted her up and put her back in bed and she carried on sleeping. What a girl.

Anyway, a fine day has been had here, I’m happy to report.

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