Big day

First thing, I was told that MrB's dad has gone back to hospital with heart arrhythmia and fluid around his heart. His heart will be stopped and restarted and the fluid will be drained. We're worried about him, but are staying positive; he's a tough cookie. 

Then MrB went to pick up my new camera - an R5!!!! I am so incredibly spoilt. This is one of my first shots taken with it. I think I'm going to really like it!

Then I had to ask for feedback about a selection of photos for my final portfolio submission for my diploma. It's always nerve wracking and I asked that they not be kind, but be constructive and honest. So far, the advice has been really good and they have been kind after all!

Then I took Little Miss to drop some homemade caramel slice to her friends' houses. MJ, whose parents passed away earlier this year, both from cancer, lost her grandfather today. The poor family. So much loss. They just can't catch a break. :(

Then, I decided to go for a run, probably the first one in almost 8 years. Go me. I ran about 2.5 km, so I'm not going to win any records (except maybe the really slow running olympics!), but I did it and I feel proud of myself. My breathing held up okay, but my legs are going to feel it tomorrow. I also did some yoga and an upper body workout. I'm on fire today.

Anyway, enough from me. Enjoy my little bee on purple flowers.

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