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By Sheol

Brown Noser

Tiny Tuesday: Brown Noser

Confession time - I have absolutely no idea what variety of fly this is.  I spotted it in the garden today, on a buddleia in between heavy showers and downpours.  I have consulted various online identification guides with no success.  You would have thought that the rather distinctive snout would have made it easy to find and identify, but I've drawn a blank to date.

Short of taking out a subscription to join  the Dipterists Forum  and asking for help I suspect I am not going to find out either.  If anyone who sees this is able to positively identify this species I would love to know what it is.


Thanks to the very quickly on the ball XS World I now know that this is one of the two native Rhingia hoverflies that we have in the UK.  Statistics suggests that its probably the more common campestris, rather than the rarer rostrata.  What a very knowledgeable place Blip is!

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