By hpx

She's mine, all mine

Dr Cat reporting in.

HPX is doing ok. It's a struggle but she's as well as can be expected all things considered.

I've prescribed hotties and wheet bags and mohair rugs. Two legged docs can deal with the drugs but these are what I prescribe. Unlike the 'other docs' I'm prepared to try what I prescribe. I'm prepared to 'suffer' mohair and hear, and when she shuffles outside and commits crimes against fashion, I accompany her too.

As you can see, I'm keeping a close eye on things and sit on the back of her legs when shes lying on her tummy.

I know HPX had an Anzac Day blip lined up but my friend S thought I looked good being Dr Cat. Besides, I thought she should just rest.

PS HPX is chuffed you all thought the lollies on the window trick was pretty good. I'll help her get back to blipping again tomorrow.

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