By hpx

Suck it up

It's been a quiet and careful day for me. The most exciting bit was when fur child got his head stuck in his biscuit jar (kind of like this, only further in).

I'm grateful for the reassurance I've had from my surgeon and his nurse. I'm doing everything I should be and nothing that I shouldn't. It's just a rough patch to be managed and got through, or as the title says, suck it up.

If the fashion police were around when I venture outside to shuffle around the yard they'd arrest me. I hardly know what to confess. Should it be the old fleece top, pj bottoms, or socks with Birkinstocks? (easy to slip on and off). Actually I'd arrest myself if it wasn't such a practical ensemble and I wasn't so drugged. Thankfully none of neighbours seem to mind (or more to the point blip!).

I wasn't sure what to blip today. Nothing sprung to mind during my shuffles round the yard. (The drugs ensure pretty much nothing springs to mind and what does falls out as quicly as it entered).

S gave me a bag of sugarless boiled sweets for Easter. They're oval shaped and if you suck them they form of thin lens of delicate colour. Carefully stick them on the inside of your bedroom window and blip them against a sky of mostly high cloud and this is what you get. I tidied up each channel separately in levels and slightly bumped up saturation and vibrance.

Then my brain turned to mush and all I wanted to do was listen to Pink Floyd 'Dark side of the Moon'. At least my state is legal...

Thank you all for you kind thoughts and wishes. It does help :-) As I'm able I sneak the odd comment. I know, all in good time.

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