By dunkyc

Flowers in the Window

I’m clearly not cut out for the excesses of a footloose and fancy-free lifestyle as today I have been plagued with a cold. 

Fortunately, I manned the hell up, put on my fleecey joggers, accessorized with an oversized hoodie and Hamilton beanie, wrapped a blanket around myself whilst cradling an outstanding cup of tea. I then set to work mopping up after inexperienced colleagues and sorting out some other complex issues, which my head was just in the mood for dealing with.

When the sun is out, the light that floods the front room first thing in the morning is lovely and today cast a nice colour over the sunflowers I’d bought yesterday when I was in the midst of needing some colour. Quite happy with how this turned out for some reason. Not sure why.

Quiet, busy day, but a fine (if shorter than I would have liked) walk put the pep back in my step and got me through the afternoon.

Early night tonight as a trek to Barnsley beckons in the morning.


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