The End Of Oil

This evening after work we went to a local Café Scientifique. The title of the talk was "What happens when the oil runs out?". In fact like all peak oil speakers he said that the oil would not actually run out, what would run out - and probably already has - is cheap oil.

The speaker believes that within 20 years the privately owned and operated motor car will become a thing of the past for the great majority of the population. It will mean an end to globalisation as we know it and a return to a more 1950s economy...

We got back a little late and this is about the best I could do. It's a bottle of oil, actually from oil seed rape. It's very useful to have, cheap and very healthy too cook with with. It's also very dependant on the oil we used to power the machinery to grow, process and delivery it and the oil used to fertilise and pesticide treat it...

The good news is that practical DIY skills and knowing how to fix, repair and grow things is probably going to become a useful skill!

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