Feeling blue

A very busy and productive day. Work went very well, lots of cool stuff done and the swimming pool wasn't too busy after work so I was able to get my 1.25 km done without too much of problem.

After dinner I crashed out in front of the tele so today's blip isn't very exciting or on-time! It's a pot of Parker Sapphire blue ink I bought a while a go for a fountain pen - that I've already blipped: Gold Nib.

It's quite striking how useless much of my formal education has been. I was required to use a fountain pen from the last year of primary school, all the way through secondary school and required to use the approved style and an approved pen - even though most people in the real world didn't use fountain pens. I don't dislike fountain pens, so I continued to use one to make notes at University and even used one in my finals and to sign the submission of my thesis. In the two decades of being in the world of work I only use a pen to sign my name and at my current job a fountain pen is banned for that as it's not considered a permanent record...

I loved my education, school was great fun and I really enjoyed my time at university but looking back other than the fact it made me who I am, almost none of is of any use to my actual job today - that was all learnt on my own time and expense.

I like the colour blue, so when I say feeling blue - it's a good thing!

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