Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Chronic anthropomorphism - AGAIN?

Grim determination.
I seem to remember I MAY have mentioned it, but not shot, or tagged it. Some weeks ago now Jerra kindly attacked the front Grass, as was his wont.  NOT that I never do, but not likely to turn up an offer.  While he did it I hand scalped the grass under the Yew Tree which the Mower was unlikely to get.  In doing so I tore up the struggling Tropaeolum, which refused to re-root.  "That's it!" I thought.  
YONKS ago I heard that you need to plant it three times before it'll grow there.  This one obviously hasn't read the Manual "We" bought it, date unchecked, but I think it was Alice's last Summer - 2016; it still refuses to either die OR present me with a flower.
The Book is open - which will be first? 
Tropaeolum flowering or me being "planted"
I had a DiY Lawn-scalping while Jerra et al were away emulating Cap'n Pugwash again, and there it was AGAIN, struggling plantfully.

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