Woman Walking

By njoyce06

Halloween Popping Up All Over......

Today was a beautiful day.   The temperatures were in the low 80's, the air was dry, there was a wonderful breeze.   I took the girls for a walk to the mailbox for the first time in 3 months.  They really enjoyed the walk, without the heat, the hot roads, and the heavy panting.  That's when I got my Blip today.  The decorations are beginning to pop up, all over.  This was one couple's  creative project!  I thought it was very well done.
      I also got a phone call today from the bike shop.  Pam's bike and mine were finished.  could I come and get the bikes.  Pam's was complete together again.    Silver, was all tuned but didn't get the new tires.  The supply chain shortage has made tires scarce.  After calling around to 4 or 5 suppliers, the bike shop was able to finally  locate a set that would fit my bike.  It will be approximately 2 weeks until they will be delivered.   I brought both bikes home.  Tomorrow  will start riding again.   The weather is so wonderful for bike riding!

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