By mollyblobs

Furry Dronefly

The continued spell of warm dry weather has prolonged the activity of many garden insects, particularly some of the larger hoverflies. There were several male Furry Droneflies buzzing round the pond this afternoon, which were joined briefly by a Pied Hoverfly. 

Much of the day was spent report writing, though I also baked some apricot and almond flapjack, which we took over to our neighbour's house in the afternoon as a token gift to help celebrate his eightieth birthday. We had planned to just drop it off, but were invited in for cake with the family and their lovely dogs. P (who has Alzheimer's) appeared to have enjoyed his birthday weekend, although I think all the company had tired him a bit so he was mostly quite quiet. However, it didn't stop him cracking one or two jokes - still the same old P!

In the evening Sarah and Ben joined us for a family dinner  - Chris and Lizzy didn't come because she'd been at a hen do the previous day and was feeling rather fragile! 

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