By Viewpoint

The road to Wortley Hall

Taken while I was on my angel of mercy journey this morning.  R had lots of very heavy boxes to send back home after her house sitting stay in our village.  So having helped carry the heavy boxes into the post office I had a bit of time on my hands while they got it all sorted.  And there was I thinking I was just going to drop her off at the station!

I managed my few stalls in Penistone Market Hall before I needed to get back for car-mechanic Gary who had promised to give my car a once over.  I think most things are OK and he checked out the interior lights and changed one of the bulbs, he also suggested I replace one of the rear tyres, which I will do this week.  I wanted to know the car was OK before I set out on my Hebrides trip.

I've had a lovely two hours with Lesley W who I met up with again at Jan's funeral.  Lesley was the one that really got me started with printmaking.  We haven't seen one another for a good many years so we had a lot to catch up with.  It sounds as though life has not been without its traumas for her too.  She's quite a bit younger than me and has a long way to go before she receives her state pension, so it was good to hear of their plans for the next few years.  I hope it works out for them.

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