By LincolnWarrior

Wishing Tree

As promised a fairly relaxed steady day today. I did get 2 loads of washing done with some of it hanging outside drying nicely that all changed this afternoon late on when a torrential downpour made it wetter than when it came out the machine.
This morning we watched the NRL grand final from Australia  which was a brilliant game of rugby league a lot faster and quicker than our teams over here . After a spot of lunch we went to the west common as fellow blipper Linxpix had tipped us off about a lovely area that has been transformed by a group of Lincoln art Ninjas. They have made structures from all dead wood from the area and hanging nicely decorated things around  the area. There is also a feeding station for field mice and birds. They started the whole project in January 2020 and are still doing thing and extending it every Sunday .I have gone with this shot of a wigwam as in the background are 2 of the creators of the project which is for the whole community to enjoy and relax.
Back home relaxing with some very good football and of course the getting in of the very wet washing which after a spin in the washing machine is now drying indoors 

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