By Ingleman

Last Ditch Effort

Tough day in the trenches, starting at 7.30am, scooping last night's rain and slop, barrowing wet concrete, four tons of mixed cement and ballast, three tons of building sand moved, great teamwork. Gary, Aiden and me. And Mrs I making refreshments to supply the troops. Hard, hard day. But we did it. It's done. As the American fans shout at the Ryder Cup,  Get In The Hole! 

We did it. It's done. Phew. I am happy, and relieved. Stick that in your tailpipe Mr Building Inspector! 

To top it off Mrs I kindly gave me a much needed haircut and I had a steaming stinging shower. I feel invigorated. And knackered. 

Got to go now, there's a bottle of Newcastle Brown waiting to be seen to.... Shlurp! 

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