By Ingleman

The Maw....

... the merrier. 

Big, big day tomorrow. Pouring concrete. The mixer is in the garage. Agape. And raring to go. 

I accidentally killed an old girlfriend years ago. She fell into a trench full of wet concrete. I was heartbroken. Cement the world to me. 

Dour, uninspiring day today, hence a monochrome image of an inanimate (currently) object.

Lots of rain again today. Goody, I was afraid the Moat would possibly dry out. Can't bloody well have that can we...

For entertainment and sustenance Mrs I and I are drinking tea, eating scones with Black Cherry jam and watching an episode of The Cleaner. The second in a series of six. David Mitchell is brilliant. Very, very funny. 

Nothing else to report,... Till next time

Enjoy your weekend and thanks as always for comments, stars and faves. Much appreciated. 

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