By Ingleman

Toad In The Hole

I know, I know..... But 'Frog In  A Bucket'  doesn't sound quite so appealing does it? I mean, what would you think if that was on the menu at Weatherspoons?

Other mass appeal dining outlets are available.

Today I have been mostly bucketing and scooping and shovelling slop out of the trench that was once bone dry and 1200mm deep. This morning it was looking much more like a Moat after a day, and night, of heavy rain. I was obliged to send photos to the Building Inspector as evidence that we had complied with his farcical instructions regarding depth of footings. 

I achieved my objective and unsurprisingly managed to transfer copious dollops of clay based slop to every possible surface between the trench in the back garden and the skip in the front garden. You will understand why Mrs I has so much affection for me! 

The amphibian was at the bottom of the shit muck hole first thing this morning. I scooped her(?) out and placed her safely away from the hole. She was back in the bottom of the hole after lunch so I moved her again. She was testing my patience sorely by reappearing again at tea so I plopped her in the bucket and carefully placed her over the fence into a neighbour's garden. I will check again before we pour concrete on Sunday morning, she won't want be a froggy fossil I'm sure. 

Had lunch out with Mrs I at our favourite Hartley Arms in Wheaton Aston. Delicious and convivial. 

Rest day tomorrow, ready for the big push on Sunday. 

Have a great weekend everyone. I'll hop off now, till next time... 

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