The Game-Day Hoagie

On Penn State home football game days, our local Boy Scout troop sells hoagies for $7 apiece to help fund their activities. They are packaged to travel (meat and cheese on the bun, but veggies stored in little bags). They go on sale quite early on Saturday morning and frequently sell out very quickly.

My husband rode up on his bike with his daysack, and brought home two hoagies. The choices are turkey or Italian. This one is Italian. The ingredients for this one are several kinds of meats, provolone cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and Italian dressing. We like to put it together and then we split one for a meal. We ate one on this day and saved the other for Sunday. Hooray for the game-day hoagie!

My soundtrack song is a tune from the Warren Zevon tribute album, Enjoy Every Sandwich. Here is the song: Jackson Browne, with Bonnie Raitt, Poor Poor Pitiful Me. Also, here is the origin of the Zevon quote to "enjoy every sandwich." (About 4:15 into the video.)

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