Wet, wet , wet

We had such downpours overnight that many of the remaining flowers have collapsed. This marigold was one of them hanging down. I'll have some clearing to do as soon as it is reasonably dry.

Thanks very much for all the great entries for last Thursday's Abstract Thursday challenge. I know it can be really hard to make an image that is both simple and abstract ! This coming Thursday is the first one in October (I still can't believe it's October already), so there's no theme ! The tag will be AT328.

Here are 5 specials from last Thursday's entries:
Majoayee         simple marbles
Bom                  a grapic effect of a cheesegrater
Kipsie               doggy bags abstract
Picturemull      dance impression
Serious Frolic   the essence of a 'natural' abstract

Thanks very much for the kind comments, laughs and stars for yesterday's silly duck trio :-)

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