By BGCoffee

Marvelous Marvão

And Elvas! A really good day with our hosts M and D - see extra! First day of this European adventure when I could truly relax with M doing all the driving and decisions about where to go completely in the hands of our guides. After croissant breakfast we were driven over to Elvas where there was a sale of sundry items happening to support the maintenance of an old British cemetery commemorating the dead in the Peninsula war. One of the oldest British military cemeteries and commemorates the thousands who died in the battle of Albuera and the 3 sieges of Badajoz. We then had a very pleasant lunch at Ammaia where a couple known to M & D have their restaurant now - we had eaten before at their previous location and the dishes of beef, lamb and pork especially the pork were excellent. Ammaia sits below the town of Marvão - the highest point in Alentejo - spectacular views and a fascinating castle crowned this day of sightseeing and choosing which photographs to post from the 50 I took was difficult. In the end I felt this view of the town church through the castle ‘looking glass’ was a fitting choice. After the couple of hours drive home - thanks M for doing all the driving, we had a light snack for dinner before I had to take care of some work and retire. Another plus was being understood as I tentatively used my new Portuguese language skills courtesy of Duolingo - being understood and being served exactly what I asked for is always a plus!

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