By WilsonsNewDad


I don't know whether you're aware of this, but the UK is in the midst of a devastating Fuel Crisis!
Many gas stations have run out of petrol, diesel or both, and motorists are getting up at dawn to queue for hours to snap up any remaining supplies from the few filling stations that are still open.
The crisis – caused by decades of underinvestment in the HGV industry and by Brexit – is devastating ambulance services, public transport, food supplies and deliveries of all kinds – including prescription medicines.
The government is typically blasé, saying that things are getting better (although they're clearly getting worse)
Luckily for Britain, Wilson is on hand to bring relief – at a price.
The UK is no stranger to fuel crises, having experienced several in the recent past, (1970s, 2000, 2005) and Wilson has amassed an impressive collection of Jerry Cans in the garage.
Now, he judges the time is right to dispose of his collection for cash!
His sign says that they're 'cheap' but that's a very relative term, and Wilson is a firm believer in 'What The Market Will Bear' + a little bit more
He's standing in the front garden now, trying to flog off his hoard of 'collectible' Jerry Cans to passing motorists…

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