By dfb24

My shoe came untied...

...as I was walking today, and I was going to sit down and re-tie it, but at the last second I just put my foot up on the bench and this spider came out! Scared the heck out of me!! I tried looking online to see what it was, and found a couple identical photos, but one said "juvenile wolf spider" and one said "garden spider".......there's a HUGE difference between a wolf spider and a garden spider & I don't know if it's really either one of those or not. Maybe someone out there can ID it. At any rate, I'm glad I didn't sit down! Went to the hospital this morning for Tom's lab work & for his second dose of the clinical trial pill. He was really tired and frail this morning and had a hard time walking from one place to another, but refused both a wheelchair & my assistance. I'm sure it's not the pill doing it as it's barely had time to work, but rather it's the progression of his disease. He came home afterward and has been sleeping on the couch as it exhausted him. Not an easy thing to watch. 

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