On the NOW forwards!

Second good work-out this week.
Workout 1. Stripping the Bed, rotating the Mattress, replacing Sheets, Duvet cover and Pillow cases.
Workout 2. It became apparent that we'd actually had at least one equally noxious gale.
It's not immediately apparent - BUT - the Buddleja alternifolia had a severe list to port.  Must have been in X.S. of 20-30˚ from the vertical 
I had it at, necessitating a crouching walk to exit the path.  This two-phase workout entailed the 1st order of levers to remove the Bird-feeder pole I used to achieve the vertical in the first place. Phase two was to resurrect long forgotten skills as a Forward and Scrum it back to approaching vertical and hold it thus whilst lashing it to the newly moved support Pole. 
For best comparison I made the left border the edge of the square Pot with "Dwarf" Cherry and the right hand border the vertical edge of the Window's main Pane.
MIght attack the front, or back grass tomorrow since, being well above the 6˚C at which grass will grow.

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