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By lrjlo


Not much to say today. I can't focus on anything much. I've a sore throat that feels swollen, very tender glands in my neck and jaw line, shooting pains in my ears and a headache. I feel constantly cold and even wrapped up warm with hot water bottles have outbreaks of shivering and teeth chattering that I can't control. In short, I seem to be in the grips of one of those miscellaneous flu-like viruses. I know it's not proper flu because I'd feel much worse, but it doesn't feel like a cold either because my nose isn't involved.

I know there are people out there with far worse illnesses and problems but this one is making it difficult for me to think about anything else. Tomorrow I'm representing the team alone and I'm on all their out of office auto replies so not a great day to be ill. But if I feel this bad in the morning there's no way I can last the half hour walk in the freezing wind to work. This is what I do, I look too far ahead and make myself anxious rather than just taking things as they come.

The photo is of Tyrozets which have been numbing my throat and the paracetamol I'm going to take soon to try and help me sleep. Now, enough of my ranting.

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