By LeeAnne


I collected Ladyfindhorn this morning and we pootled off up to the reservoir for a swim. It was beautiful but bloody hell it was freezing. We were lucky if we made it in for five minutes so the decision to get some sort of wetsuit getup has accelerated. I’ve bought one already and after a bit of a palaver trying to get it on, finding it was too big even though it was impossible do it up, I sent it back. I’m not really planning to swim alone but I’d really rather not have to rely on someone else having to help me into it! So I’ve gone down the separates route and am the proud owner of a lovely new wetsuit jacket and some bottoms that will hopefully allow longer than a five minute swimble!

Still… despite our very short dip, we had a lovely time, met some fellow swimmers (one of whom was way more hardcore than us), had a good old blether, a shivery bite - love that expression - and another entry in Barney’s visitor book.

Hopefully next time we’ll get a longer dip with the right gear!

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