a lifetime burning

By Sheol


The weather has warmed up a bit again, although its not been that sunny, and with it there's been a little more obvious insect activity.  I briefly saw butterflies and bees, although neither wanted to hang around for a photoshoot.  What there do seem to be plenty of though are the hoverflies. Making a fair bit of noise as they fly from one plant to another in search of nectar they're fairly easy to spot.  

I did see another Rhingia (though it could well have been the same one), but it didn't stay still for more than a couple of seconds so I didn't get the chance to sneak up on it.

So instead here's one of those noisy hoverflies on the Japanese Anemone - there's some nice detail in large for those that like that sort of thing.  (Not you Cathy, I know you will be moving swiftly on at this point!)

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