What a difference a Jet-wash Makes!

I have a T Shirt that says 'What a Difference A 'Dave' Makes', and whenever I wear it I have that song going through my mind all day! 
Applied the same principle to the jet washing of the bricks, these are the original 161 that we picked up.
The bricks that are more red than the others will be used to make a separate path around the bushes. The children love to explore.
The 243 from last night are in the EXTRA section. The darker rows, in the middle of the 'After' are where I refilled the sprayer with the solution of bleach when we were bleaching them after the jet washing. The bleach sank to the bottom and sprayed out neat, instead of being mixed with the water.
Needed to use the bleach as there are a few black spots of fungus.

I've got a photograph in the final selection of the BBRF (British Bikers Relief Foundation). If you'd like to vote for me please do so at the following link
This gives you the selection of the finalists, it's not a marketing survey or anything like that, despite 'Survey' in the link.
The photograph of me is this one https://i.postimg.cc/vBp3D89p/received-574120880409170.jpg
A few words about the BBRF; (Taken from their facebook page)
The B B R F - Supporting Bikers and their families after serious rta's and fatalities across the Uk. Registered Charity Number 1161587
After a Horrific spate of accidents leading to serious injury and death, we decided to form the (B.B.R.F.) The British Bikers Relief Foundation.
We have only one thought and purpose, to help support Bikers and their families after motorcycle accidents.
We just know, we would love to welcome you as a supporter, and help us help other bikers across the country.
Facebook =AZXq-ClfEuYzXG8TQ1T3V61AIK-gHMQGX-dCzDezPpyKkQTC3Qz2QhbbH--Bl4W_Oh64yIqzddBqrK3RA-GFdfkKDmkImyxZoHq3OpfL_apv1fIF3a-CCyu2g8pmEWD8fE4&__tn__=kK-R]https://www.facebook.com/BBRFOfficial
Website www.bbrf.uk

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